PCOS Diet Plan

Through Out My Life I Have Changed My Diet Many Times. At The Moment This Is The Diet Plan I Am Following:


I Mainly Try To Eat Eggs, Oats Or Fruits, Followed By A Black Coffee. Oats Are A Good Breakfast For Weightloss As They Keep You Full For Longer And Well They Are Yummy!


2 Boiled Eggs + Bowl Of Favourite Fruits ( I Mainly Have Any Type Of Berries As They Are Known To Help Women With PCOS) + Coffee


Oats With Blueberries/ Strawberries + Coffee


Brown Toast Topped With Egg & Avocado


Through Out The Day I Like To Snack On Dry Fruit Or Fruits In General So When It Comes To Lunch I Like To Have Something Small But Filling.


Tuna Salad / Tuna Sandwich (With Less Mayo)


Prawns Or Any Type Of Grilled Fish + Vegetables, Followed By A Coffee.


Smoothie (Only Of Berries & No Sugar)


When It Comes To Dinner I Like To Have Something Grilled With Vegetables.


Grilled Chicken + Vegetables


Grilled Fish + Vegetables

Remember To Keep Yourself Hydrated Through Out The Day & Keep Snacking On Healthy Food e.g. Dry Fruit Or Fruits.

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